Happy Birthday

by Twingo Reverse

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released November 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Twingo Reverse Toulouse, France

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Track Name: 2015 (Summer Song)
Grab my hand but let me fall,
I do pretend I Rock'n'Roll.
And don't apologize 'cause you're so lame.

A feminism casualty

An era getting bullshit in the ass
& then just praying god to chill.

Well, I don't know ... Is it worth I come along ?

Then, if you go, I'll stand along till the telephone has rung.

Well, I don't know ... Is it worth I come along ?

Then, if you go, I'll stand along till the telephone has rung.
Track Name: Stereo Failure #1
Pull me over back around,
'Cause here they got no underground.
Leave untill it's over.
Ranging on your Rover.

A personal to emphasize,
A couple days to make your mind.
My Stereo is over,
I've got to call may mother.

Everytime and anyways
Any mean but no one else.

Like nobody knew.

Feeling free,
She's humming wherever it'll be in a dream.
A dream never too hold for magic.
The magic of her eyes when she feels free.
Track Name: Days Ago
To "Days Ago"
My mind will flow
To some days of gold,
But it was
Days Ago.

Days ago
We were Rock'n'Roll.
It was futuretold,
But that was "Days Ago".
Track Name: Today I'm 22.
Past the time,
Of telling stories to the stars.

Try the One
You never tried before.

Mind the gap !
Don't answer to the telephone !

Time to act
'cause it's just what I'm wainting for.

I always knew
That me & you
Will always be
A part of the eternity.

But yesterday I saw the news
& it seems like today we loose.

Don't know
Where else I'd rather be.
Don't know
Who else I'd rather see,

Then for tomorow there's no plan
So there's nothing to understand.
Track Name: Baby Blue (Tamed Impala)
My baby's blue
Because she stands across the seas
& she's a picture of a summer sky on Venice Beach.

Watch baby fly
Watch past her eyes and understand the universe
just goes around 'cause baby flies around my world.

Let's just wake up
And sumer up
The days are going pretty fast,
No need to look back to the past.

Yeah Baby's blue
& you should feel
she's like the moon on new years eve;
Rocking the galactical scene.

Harmonic feed
Fatality !
Then call me
The "Tenacious T"
If you know me.

Yeah Baby's blue
She's like a shotgun
when she's aiming all the fools
that never knew : "that baby, blew" !