The Thing (Guide to Romantic Fools)

by Twingo Reverse

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released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Twingo Reverse Toulouse, France

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Track Name: Water Lily Song
Everytime I tried, I heard them laughing,
Well check out if you know
The Water lily Song.

Of course I know the SWAG, I step into it,
Anytime I leave
My Water lily Home.

I heard the politicians were made of plastic,
For the despair of
My Water lily's pond.

I'd love to go to war 'cause I'm an helpful spirit
Sorry if I'm scared
Of Waterlily Bombs.

My Mama told me : "One day you'll be Fantastic"
Well sorry, I just wrote
The Water lily song.

The same goes on with love, I think it's all dramatic
Oh ! Misbehaving heart,
The waterlily is wrong.

One day they'll see the rhymes they will be changing
There's nothing to compare
My Water lily chords.

Also I give a shout, but don't feel rejected
You're a microscopic cunt
My Water lily is tough.

You saw the things outside were running mad lately,
Sorry I far prefer
My Water lily world.

And don't be sad my dear but Jesus made me clumsy,
even I don't know why
My Water lily is gone.

I'm so sad my dear, the Water lily has drawned !
Track Name: Ballade
I heard you were proposing,
My heart has been volunteering.
So now that they've been laughing
At me just for you
'Cause she helps and he cries
It's hard out of the blue.

Come here i heard you crying.
Oh me to tired of trying,
Strung high above.
On your mind
Let it be
It's just Love

You know,
I think it's all quite a waste.
Who knows,
Maybe you love through your head ?
I'd love it to be love at first sight,
So just won't you let pop up those eyes ?
Track Name: Delta 9
Think of something cool that could happen to you.
Heck the fun just flies when i stick up with you,
"Comfortably numb" and fucking gloomy too.

Delta 9 i'll go back there
As usual,
Listen to that tune and let me see your eye-
Bouncing down by delta 9

To you I'm crawling back to say :

" Bang bang shout shout
Taking off my boots boots !
Late night loose on early morning views,

Stop the flow
where should I go ?
Can't even find my way
To the paradox !

Can't remember any little thing
Sorry girl ... What's your name again

I think I'll go to rest in peace
But first of all could ya light my thing ?

Iheard you tried and loved the way it feels so
I'll show you all my shortcuts to my world yo,

Tickeling the feelings on the spot it all begins
i'll always do the grass rather than methamphetamines ! "

D, E, L.T.A and number nine just looking great,

Crawling back
To Delta 9
Track Name: Dear Son
Sad to see you go,
Well it's ok
you said it will be so.

And all the milky way, are thousand suns
Expanding on their way.

They said :
"Do you wanna know ?"
And all i do is dream of Rock'n'Roll.

I'd take you
On my cabriolet
If only it has been a sunny day.

And turn the lights away.
I'd love to make you feel what I can't say !

And if you like this stuff
You know the Water lily is a "cliché".

There's nothing here to puff
Your chest as if the war was for today.
Track Name: Little Miss Underground
Thought you could understand,
That's why I'm in a band, to say that I loved You.

Oh Dear,
Just by the dinner time, you crossed the finish line
And I was so far to getcha !

Well lately I've been datin a girl
"Little Miss Underground"
She sleeps with all the dreams that she has and never takes 'em around.
Of all the little scenes that she played well,
That's the one role she nailed.

With her it's just whatever she want's
And just whatever she says !

Oh Love,
The next time you'll see me
I'll be away from here
I guess I'll be free.

So now,
If you just feel so dark,
Go walking by the park
And maybe you'll see me
I give regrets for free.

Well lately I've been dating a girl
"Little Miss Underground"
So sorry that I just didn't fit and I got lost in the gap
The empire we built for tomorow will vanish today.

With her it's just whatever she want's
And I should rather don't care.
Track Name: Damn 'Dam
Seems like I've always been a friend.
Feels I can walk by any way.

So anyway then,

Dolphin Delight and Marijane,
I'm on your streets you're in my veins

And I flow,
When your smile is getting low

Where giants
So slowly turn into Imps.
And with a sad lonesome glimpse
Rolling down the eyes to the ground.

As their hearts for the girls,
When I leave you it hurts

Up above
Deep down in Amsterdam.
I could be yours ...
I know you can be mine.
Hold your breath it's only question of time,
make your mind !
It's only question of when !

Then i'll be back You'd better be prepared,
I'll only come with all my love to share.
Come with me,
Forever we'll be !