The Thing II (Go Reverse)

by Twingo Reverse

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released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Twingo Reverse Toulouse, France

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Track Name: Burried in my Brain (somehow she's dead to me)
Cut the loose & nevermind,
A fantasy I humanised.
I hear the footsteps still outgoing,
In that place that's half a ruin.
Can't figure out what you realy found !

You burried in my brain, you do.
You running in my head, it's true.

Found a hole in a photograph,
tried to wash out the autograph.
'Cause in my heart you carved with passion,
Your name that now came quite oldfashioned.
A broken toy with self destructive joy.

You burried in my brain, you do.
You running in my head, it's true.
Track Name: Bye. Oh Bye !
I think I feel better ;
I think it's the time
To let it all over,
I think I don't mind.

Bye. Oh Bye sweetheart of mine.
Just don't look back & I'll just miss most of our time.

but I still got feelings,
They give me hard times.
I'll focus on forward
if you wont get back !

Why, Oh why you're treating me bad.
Don't look back, no flowers will bloom in my heart.

Bye. Oh Bye sweetheart of mine.
Just don't look back & I'll just miss most of our time.
Track Name: Bubble Bums
Bubble bums inside my brain,
A filthy shape inside the frame.

Corridors of secret doors no more !

Where you go & what you blow
Just made me melt like an esquimo.

Corridors of secret doors no more !

Yet again I haven't been
The pretty result featuring the dream.
Track Name: Gap
In her place where o one else could have known,
Sneaking up untill she shoots me the gun.

Her face wore all the dramatic,
Features pf hollywood films ;
And so I leaned to hear what I couldn't say.

On the road leather jacket on my back.
Trying my best so I just fill up the gap.
A velvet hand came up to me,
And showed me all the galaxy,
Rolling in a tear of her eyes.

Anyway I just came here to demand,
Is it true the angels once were the men
That tried so hard to hold your hand
Who could be lost in such a land ?
It seems the lines are fading all away,
Track Name: Failli De Meuriche (A Night of Love in Liberty City)
There is a thought that I would like to say,
A silly story I would like to tell.
Last night my thoughts they'd "Failli De Meuriche"
And I can only tell.

I feel my heart got stuck on shivering.
Like a spot who flickers on the scene.
Last night my thoughts they'd "Failli De Meuriche"
But I can only tell.
Track Name: 90's Pool Party
There's a private pool party where I want to go,
My mum says I can't, she doesn't want me to.

To play the fool where I should play the drums.
That's realy not cool. I find that realy sucks.

I must find a flat
& burry the past
I'm seeking for future ;
Post "Welcome My Vultures"

My friend the Freak Is comming up to pick
Me up in his Twingo, a reverse kind of Twingo

So we should trip on the endless roads.
Sounds like a trip, a trip on a Twingo.

& we will see the sun
Even get close to Spain.
Past the frontiers of boredom
We should feel no pain.

Let's be Twingo & TH,
The Pop and the Noise
Like we'll be in California
Baby Watch us come.

Yes it's a 90's pool party
a 90's pool party,
Fucking 90's pool party !
Watch us come.

A 90's pool party
Baby 90's fool party !
All the fools party in the 90's gold.
Track Name: Unreal
It's already been 4 years today !
Unreal how the times just goes away anyway.
That feel, seems all unreal
How the time goes away anyway

Unreal !

Yes it all went away.
When there's othing to do
When you should get away.

And she's just getting ready,
Then I ain't ready.

All the tears that I've wept,
So Real !
All no longer my game it's
A Thrill !

Just go reverse for today
& Feel !
Go reverse anyway
It's Free !

For you to see, for you to be.
You choose ; it's up to you and me.
So, just what will it be ?
And feel ! Just, what could it be ?
Track Name: Get it Loud
Baby get it Loud &
Baby get it right.

'Cause if you just don't put it
It squeezies all around
It turns into a parrot and whispers "Froozenstein".

There years ago someone invented you.
We don't know what we do but yet we make it through.
An underrated point of view to please,
The story of a kid from 1993.

Over, Roll over to the tragedy
And put yourself together for idiocraty.
Track Name: Try Out
Tried out to change some of the lies of these tunes I used to play,
Turned out the words just didn't fit all I sincerely meant to say.

Forever part of what you call a piece of history,
I gave you all, body and soul my sun casting it's beams.

Now all the memories all our Dreams, did they just disapear ?
And as they crush it echoes within the childish part of me !

I think of the islands you pictured to me, so far beyond belief.
They've been caught in the distance, drawn by the waves, whose ocean made of tears.

From the tip of my pen the depth of my heart awakes,
From the tip of my tongue I'll sing you this song again.
Track Name: Walking Alone
Loneliness through time & space
If you just join the race dear you should keep the pace.

"Heartbrake Flush" like a dictator
My wanker's crushs is a signature.

Walking Alone.

I've been getting alone
Goodby, so long !
& it feels like it's pretty cool.

'Cause you were pulling it out
Come on and come out,
& it seems like you fell apart.